Passenger cars, light trucks, SUV, motorcycle tire service


Technical Services:
After the expiry of the warranty repair of vehicles, without prior notice or time schedule, minimum waiting time under well-trained staff, affordable prices, preliminary pricing, modern equipment, cultivated in our workshop carried out the following work:
Tyre fitting and centering, REPAIR
  • Check tire condition
  • Winter and summer when changing tire repair, truing
  • seasonal storage of tires
  • cold tire repair procedure
  • hot vulcanization tires improve
  • Charging tire rubber gas
  • Check spare tire
  • alloy wheels improve the involvement of external workshop
Our service is carried out by three floors of vehicles is increased. We have even more parking places a small load and off-road vehicles for installation. Three tire mounting machine is carried out in the tire rim assembly. The fame acélfelnik alloy wheels also undertake the installation of large scale. Run-flat tires for installation of a special machine available.
Quality of your host computer centering three wheel weights are equalized with the wheels. Only environmentally friendly zinc weights are used. The centering alifelnik glued weights nicely performed. We have closed the French central art rims centering adapter. Scrap tire buying new tires free of charge to our customers leave our premises.
Puncture repair After the error is discovered the appropriate technology, high-quality materials is carried out. We have to improve heat curing is presse.
Motorcycle tire replacement of special lifters performed. Traditional balancing stand or computer centering Special catchers performed.

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