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Chains for advice:
The best prevention we can prepare for winter driving. An important element of snow, ice struggle with snow chains, live with it. Winter sports enthusiasts specifically useful to obtain a set of snow chains. According to the Highway Code, our country snow chains may only be used on snowy, icy roads at speeds up to 50 km / h. The "Snow chains required" traffic sign means that you must be in the car, such equipment, however, to use the current road conditions make it necessary. The area where the road user can verify this. If this table has a border crossing point is located, then the limit is only permitted to cross snow chains possession. Most European countries are also required to sign mounted sections indicated láncainkat but zakatolva the area without snow chains, we can expect severe punishment.
Make sure you select the correct size and always try to put the chains before the "live deployment." The wheel size may differ from the manufacturer, age, depending on the angle of the wheel, that is enough to undermine the equipment. Snow chains for many years and provides us with a good quality, easy to install version is much easier to live.
Speciality stores passenger car and light truck all-terrain vehicle and is suitable for snow chains sold. The selection of the appropriate size colleagues.

Cars winter equipment with chains Europe:

Winter traffic rules in Europe closest to us in snowy countries obtain information from our customers. Collected to restrictions on the use of winter tires and snow chains. Standing in front of their winter trip abroad or outside our country workers should be informed.

In our country, not yet introduced the mandatory use of winter tires, but because of the safe transport recommended to everyone.
The winter weather and road conditions, the road manager allocates the "Snow chains required" sign. The stretch of road signposted just a vehicle to travel for free, at least in its tires on the drive axle tire chains are.
In our country, the use of studded tires on the road is prohibited.

November 1 to the mandatory use of winter tires throughout the country until April 15. The tires must have a minimum depth of 4 mm profile. According to the law, if the weather conditions make it necessary (continuous snow or ice on the road), the use of snow chains is required, so if you start to Austria have snow chains in the trunk!

November 1 to April 30 to 3.5 t weight for larger vehicles, mandatory use of the output shaft to a depth of at least 6 mm profile winter tires on the road sections, which show at least this table.
The use of snow chains compulsory sections marked with signs.

It is generally not mandatory use of winter tires, but the depth profile must be at least 3.5 mm.
Snow chains indicated in the tables required sections.

Should the need for winter tires Croatia expected between early April and the end of November with a profile depth of at least 4 mm. In case of icy road conditions or greater than 5 cm snow must be kept in the car tire chains and snow shovels. Required to use at least the output shaft of winter or all-season tires in winter conditions.
The mountains in the sections indicated plaque requested the use of snow chains.

The proposed use of winter tires in the mountains we have snow chains.

Recommended to use winter tires. Warning: do not use the mixed equipment (eg front of winter, summer tires back.).

There is no mandatory requirement, but who travels with summer tires snowy-icy roads cause traffic or prevent a serious accident could be fined. For trucks and buses just enough winter tires fitted to the drive axle.
The use of snow chains governed by boards.

Italy is not uniform, since the rules are characterized by different climatic conditions. The northern areas of the mountain roads leading ski resorts ski season specifications using winter tires. The use of snow chains governed by boards. Near the border with France, October 1 from 15 April until the mandatory winter tires, snow chains and in many cases also.

No date for Cars connected, but if the path associated with snow or ice on the mandatory use of all four wheels at least 4 mm profile depth of winter tires. November 15 from 31 March until at least the driven shaft is mandatory winter tires for trucks and buses.
The mountains do not go forward without snow chains.

From 15 November to 31 March mandatory use of winter tires, but enough of both. In case of more than 5 cm of snow tire chains is required, this has been checked at the border as well.

Snow chains required
November1 from the mandatory use of winter tires on 31 March.
The mountains take along snow chains.

Installing the correct snow chains:



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