About us

Our family business history looks back on 1989, when we started as a private enterprise battery trade deal with South shore of Lake Balaton.
1997 have expanded assortment of tires from the distribution of the bike gums, motorcycle, car, light truck, SUV, TRUCK and agricultural tires.
In 1998 the company is still working premises moved to car parts, vehicle parts distribution started to deal with.
First workshop was built in 2001 (car service), it's a shop selling tires can be fitted up (Tire Service is) and the parts can be purchased to provide for the installation of.
2003-2004-2005. The car service workshop two more extended cab, where extended services, we are setting our clients with high quality, and the car shop area also increased, to a wider range of design.
At present, our company a complete service for our clients, where they can buy the necessary parts for their cars, equipment and their articles professionally we let this build.
Ont We hope to welcome you as soon as possible for our customers!
L & L Autócentrum Balatonboglár
Zsolt Lengyeltóti  and Robert Lengyeltóti

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